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Aberlour A’bunadh – Batch 32 (60.4%)

Nose:    Sherry, oak, some pepper, light orange and fruitcake type note, a vague hint of brown sugar. Diluted to approximately 40% the dried fruit becomes a little more pronounced, the sherry is drier, some oak and vanilla.
Palate:  Warm on the palate, sherry and raisin notes, building heat, a little orange, oak. Medium bodied. After dilution much easier on the palate, raisins continue to be dominant, a little hint of grass after the rain and a slight brine. Not very warming.
Finish: Continually warming, medium, more wood and diminishing sherry. Moderate finish. After dilution it’s much creamier, a little shorter on the finish, with more wood evident with some shades of plum and cherry.
Rating: C+

The notes on this one don’t sound unpleasant – very straightforward sherried whisky. However, to me it was overwhelmingly one-dimensionally wearing its sherry influence and had virtually nothing to balance it out. It’s a different type of strong sherry than a Dalmore or Macallan – the former tends towards raisiny and the latter just smells like.. sherry… and whisky. Add to this a bunch of heat due to being bottled at cask strength (and no doubt, its youth as a NAS whisky) and this is not a bottle I’d go back to. Perhaps current batches (I’ve seen #36 on the shelf) have moved toward a more  balanced profile. Only time will tell.