Single Oak Scorecard

This scorecard is being provided as a reference. As I will no longer be covering Single Oak, this list will not be updated further.

# Grade
Barrel 3 C
Barrel 4 C-
Barrel 8 B
Barrel 10 B
Barrel 14 B+
Barrel 24 C+
Barrel 29 B
Barrel 31 B
Barrel 35 C+
Barrel 36 B-
Barrel 40 B
Barrel 42 B
Barrel 46 B
Barrel 56 C
Barrel 61 B+
Barrel 63 B
Barrel 67 B-
Barrel 68 B-
Barrel 72 C+
Barrel 74 C+
Barrel 78 B-
Barrel 88 B-
Barrel 93 B-
Barrel 95 C+
Barrel 99 C
Barrel 100 C
Barrel 104 B
Barrel 106 B-
Barrel 110 B-
Barrel 120 B
Barrel 125 C+
Barrel 127 C+
Barrel 131 B
Barrel 132 B
Barrel 136 B+
Barrel 138 B-
Barrel 142 B-
Barrel 152 C+
Barrel 157 B
Barrel 159 B
Barrel 163 C+
Barrel 164 C+
Barrel 167 C
Barrel 170 B-
Barrel 174 B
Barrel 184 B
Barrel 189 B-
Barrel 191 C+

2 thoughts on “Single Oak Scorecard”

  1. I went into Sigel’s the other day and they tried to get me hooked on buying one of these 12 bottles.  I was tempted at first but…..69 dollars plus tax for a 350ml bottle of questionable bourbon!?!  

    Not just ‘no,’ but…’Hell no!’

    For 69 bux i could get two bottles of 4 Roses Single Barrel, or 3 bottles of Buffalo Trace, or I could travel up town to Goody Goody and buy a 750ml of Thomas H. Handy Sazerac for the exact same price.

    I love the idea, and i am both extremely happy someone is rating these…but at the same time I feel bad that you may have spent more than it was worth :(

    1. At $70 these are nowhere near a buy. They’re $45-50 around here which for a couple aren’t awful until you do the “… but it’s a 375″ adjustment. 

      It’s worth noting I’m not buying and consuming whole cases of this stuff myself. It’s a six-way split with some friends – more details here – which is the only way any of us were going to do it. It ends up netting out to about $100 for 750mL currently which is in my comfort zone as an admitted scotch drinker (especially since it’s only quarterly) – especially since it’s a relatively unique opportunity to blast through a ton of samples and test some assumptions. 

      That said, I’m not much of a bottle-rebuy kind of guy. I don’t think I’d ever buy three bottles of anything in one shot. :) The closest I’d get is multiple bottles of Four Roses that varied on yeast. At some point I’ll do the ten recipes head to head. 

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