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I don’t have the interest in doing a post on ratings as it’s a relatively dull subject. For my own reasons, I prefer to use the Los Angeles Whiskey Society’s ratings. They are in my opinion the least ambiguous and pretty straightforward.

Since I have received a few emails and IMs asking about rating information (which I’ve linked to previously), I’ll very quickly copy this information on ratings over from the LAWS site.

A+ Perfection.
A Virtually ideal. A superstar whiskey.
Excellent. Definitely want to own. 
Great. Definitely want to own.
Good. Might want to own.
B- Good whiskey worth trying. 
C (range)
Fine to drink (if there’s nothing else).
D (range)
Unpleasant. Not recommended. 
Horrific swill to be avoided at all costs.

Note that ratings never take into account price. (Macallan 30 for instance would rate lower if it did; something like Very Old Barton may rate higher if it did.) This is generally a tougher scale than most; scores tend to cluster around B-/C+ rather than A-/B+.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback – I’ve liked the LAWS scale for some time because it has less ambiguity in my opinion. I don’t have the patience for sub-scores nor do I think a scale of 100 is particularly meaningful. This one just works for me.

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