Bunnahabhain Jubilee Malt II (“Extra Regal”)

Bunnahabhain Jubilee Malt “Extra Regal” (Second Edition) For The Whisky Barrel 54.5% ABV
Light, slightly musty and malty, earthy and woody. A little white wine presence. Some slight vanilla. Hints of cantaloupe, a bit of pineapple and pear. 
Nice and mouth-coating, a gentle white pepper heat. Woody, malty, a little musty again. Some pears, a little bit of cantaloupe. Late heat in the form of cinnamon. Light vanilla. Very light sherry. 
Warm initially on the finish. Pears, lightly estery, vanilla, malt and wood. 
Jubilee Malt 1 was the one to do. This one isn’t bad (and I might even throw in “for the price”), but it’s kind of anonymously malty. There are zillions of malts like this on the shelf. If you can’t find a cask strength 21y Bunnahabhain for less, go for this.

This one is still available at The Whisky Barrel. It’s not as fun as the first edition, but it’s still available. Compare it against similarly aged Bunnahabhains – it might be a deal.

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