Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey

Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey 40% ABV
Light peat, a rubbing alcohol note, some vanilla sweetness, a little barley, some additional syrupy floral sweetness. Moderate malt.
Faint earthy peat, a gentle cinnamon warmth, thick, viscous mouthfeel, malty.
Warming but quickly fades, not much peat on the finish except at the edges of the maltiness. Faintly medicinal.
There’s just not much to this at all. It’s uninteresting. There’s nothing here that’d cause me to order this, but there’s nothing offensive either. It just is.

Word is that Connemara’s peated whiskey has been improving somewhat since earlier batches. I’m not impressed with it yet. If anything it shows that peat requires some skill to integrate into a good whiskey.

3 thoughts on “Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey”

  1. An interesting whisky.  Half the reviews out there are like your’s, and the other half think it’s great (I’m in the latter group, actually).  I wonder if there’s more variation in this whisky than in most, or is it just that polarizing of a flavor profile?

    1. Well, I know mine is from an older batch so it’s possible newer bottlings have improved on the weak spots I saw. That said, I tend to be kind of underwhelmed by Irish whiskies and find them generally lacking in much character – so it’s possible there’s also a palate difference here. At some point I’m sure I’ll try it again. I’m just not in a hurry. 

      1. Tim, I don’t think it’s a palate difference in regards to Irish.  Connemara is the only Irish I really like, the only one I think stands out and can compete with Scotch.  I don’t like any other Irishes, not Redbreast, not even Redbreast 12 cask-strength.  Yes, you heard me, the Irish whisky of the year is BORING! (my review of that one is coming soon).  My point is, I feel like Connemara stands out among Irish.  I guess maybe that’s still not enough to really WOW, but I think it’s pretty good.  Your sentiments are understood, however.

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