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My friend Sku so graciously linked my blog the other day that I have to take a moment to return the favor, and not out a sense of obligation.

Sku’s Recent Eats is a regular stop for me, and an instant click in my RSS feed. I’ve broken bread with Sku at a number of local Los Angeles restaurants (all his choices, and all wonderful), and had an opportunity to connect with someone whose perspective on local food and drink that I value tremendously.

I realize the vast majority of readers have come to me via Sku, but for the dozen or so who haven’t, you absolutely need to add him to your readers. Yes, he’s got an incredibly deep knowledge of whiskey, but he’s also got a ton of great spots to hit in the K-town area. (Timon, you’ve experienced the greatness of Papa Cristos and I will attest for the greatest of Jeon Ju). He’s also a big coffee fan and travel’s enough that it’s not just a sad, locals-only LA blog.

Though we differ from time to time on our notes, his opinion and perspective is one that I always respect. And most importantly, he has been my Obi-Wan Kenobi as I’ve gotten much more deep into whiskies and bourbons. The knowledge I pass along, I’ve learned from him.

In honor of someone whose opinion I respect, here are notes on a whisky which actually supplants the George T Stagg as the highest rated whisky on this blog. I dislike rating a limited-release so highly, but it’s so tremendous that I had to share.

Bottom line: There are some amazing old Willetts out there. Go split a bottle with some friends. If they’re like this one, you’ll go be done before the night is over.

Willett 17yo Barrel L10-7389. Reid & Emerald XVII-3, Distilled 4/6/93, Bottle 48 of 126, 72% ABV
Nose:  Nice wood and pepper, a very pleasant mix of sweet and spicy. Some cherries and cinnamon. Slight hint of bubblegum and marshmallow.
Palate:  Thick and mouthcoating, rich and bold. Cherries, cinnamon, pepper. Warming nicely. Oak in the background, toffee, slightest caramel; bubblegum. Sweet.
Finish:  Hot, drying, becomes somewhat bitter on the finish with some early vegetables – romaine, endive, a bit of celery root. Then a huge, absolutely massive cherry blast, followed by dry wood.
Comment:  Stunning. Immense. Massive. Easy drinking. This one is near perfection. The slight bitterness is just a nice interlude.
Rating: A

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